You LOVE Pumpkin Lattes, but you DO NOT want to look like one...

The season will soon be coming where it's pumpkin everything; pumpkin coffee, pumpkin pie, pumpkin this and pumpkin that. Most of us don't have any problems with pumpkins, we just don't want resemble them.

Many people are not familiar with spray tanning, and it is sometimes associated with looking orange or having an orange tint. This causes a lot of clients to be hesitant to get one and there is a reason why you see our pumpkin colored friends roaming the streets.

The orange look could be achieved in a few ways; however, typically it is caused by the person operating the application. That's right, it was the solution that was added to your stand-in machine by your tanning salon i.e. automatic spray booths, your Spray Tan Professional or maybe yourself (applying a product brought from the store).

Here are some ideas of how I will avoid giving you that pumpkin look:

  1. Choosing the right color- When I am giving my clients a spray tan, I want their result to be natural. In my opinion, that is best outcome. We want to keep the people wondering..."there's something different about you but I can't figure what it is!" It's better to be too light than too dark. After your initial consultation during your first appointment, we can work together and customize a color that works specifically for you.

  2. Keeping up with new techniques- Since I am fairly new to the spray tanning world, I have been trained and certified by Sjolie's Founder one on one recently in Rocklin, CA. I was educated on all their products, how to use them and all other important details when applying a tan. I can't speak on behalf of other spray tan companies and products, but one coat of the Sjolie solution is ideal and you can achieve amazing results. Some tanning professionals will apply 2 or more coats and this could result in overapplying which causes that orange color. That initial color that you see after the application is the BRONZER and will not reflect your final color. It will take time for the final color to develop over the course of 24 hrs.

  3. Proper application- Certain areas on our bodies tend to be very dry such as knees, elbows, hands, feet, ankles and can be difficult spots to avoid turning orange. By applying barrier cream, PH balancing spray and not overapplying in those areas will help to prevent the orange color. There are special techniques that I use to try to avoid overspraying those areas.

  4. Use a legit at home product - If you choose to use an at home sunless product, be sure to check with your spray tan professional as some of these products may contain too much of the DHA (which is the ingredient that causes your skin to brown). If the amount of DHA is unknown, this can cause that dreaded orange color. I can recommend a tan extender (that does contain some DHA) that will help your tan last as well as other products and tips.

So with all that said, keep the pumpkin latte in your cup, enjoy those pumpkin flavored everythings, and know that you don't have to fear getting a spray tan and being a pumpkin this fall! Happy Tanning y'all!

Visit my website for upcoming blogs and take a look around to see if there are some questions you have. Keep a look out on my social media pages for current and upcoming offers!

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