5 Reasons Why You Need A Spray Tan For Halloween.

Spray tans are typically known for special occasions, for example, getting married, attending a wedding, going on vacation, or maybe a client has a hot date. Whatever the reason may be, women want to add color to their life because they will be wearing something specific that will "showcase" an area or areas that are most likely not so bronzed like they were back in July.

So with that said, Halloween is the perfect time to get a Bronze My Assets Spray Tan. Most women may not admit it, but we all have had the thought that Regina George had in "Mean Girls". So while you get to show your fun, playful, creative side, you are probably going to be showing some skin. Let's check out 5 reasons why you need to book with me this week!

  1. You are not fully dressed without a Spray Tan. There is no outfit, article of clothing or costume that would not look great with a spray tan. No matter what color, what body part is showing or what it is you are wearing, a spray tan will complement it without a doubt. I am positive it will look amazing.

  2. Most women I know, do not go and buy a super scary costume and cover every inch on their body. You get one night to dress up as whatever you want, so you want to get that confidence level back up and wear something sexy. Show that skin, look and feel sexy and take it up one more notch. Once that bronze color develops, it will complete the costume.

  3. You've been noticing that your summer tan has faded, your legs are looking a bit pasty but you don't want to spend a bunch of money on a tan because you already spent too much on the costume. The great part of this on my side is everything! I am flexible, I am affordable (I have New Client specials), I travel TO YOU, and it's perfect because you literally just got invited to a party at the last minute, so you need a tan NOW! I can almost guarantee that I will be able to save you! As long as you can exfoliate and be prepped for a tan, I can get you bronzed in as little as 2-4 hrs (developing time; times will vary) AND you will never look like a pumpkin (well unless you want to).

  4. You decide to pick a costume that reveals your tummy, legs, or arms, and there are some "problem" areas in that region. No worries, spray tans are excellent for covering up stretch marks, giving off a toning effect and can "mask" any imperfections you are self conscious about. It honestly looks and makes you feel amazing!

  5. Depending on what color you want to achieve as well as how you take care of your new tan, your color could last up to 7-12 days! Everyone is different, but just imagine getting this amazing color for one night and you can continue to rock the color a few more rounds! It is also safe, fast, easy and you get to spend some "girl" time with "The Spray Goddess" :)

So take a look at some costumes some women may be sporting this year and tell me that pale, pasty skin will make it better! :) Happy Halloween and Book today so you can look "Spooktacular".

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